2020 Trends: Pattern


Anyone who has completed a full interior renovation will tell you that there is a bit of science behind creating your perfect space. Interior designers consider 7 elements when deciding how best to approach each room, space, line, forms, light, colour, texture and pattern. Our main focus here is on patterns, patterns can be applied to almost any interior and used in a variety of ways. There’s a lot to consider when introducing pattern into a room, first you need to consider the size of the room, a small room can quickly become overwhelmed if a pattern that is too complex or busy is used. However, patterns that create more vertical or horizontal lines can help make a room feel more spacious and open, for larger rooms large-scale patterns are the perfect focal point and a patterned statement wall should be considered, the more complex patterns with contrasting colours are perfect for a really out there statement to really showcase your personality and with a wide range of patterns to choose from such as animal print, organic, geometric or pictorial there really is something to suit everyone.

History of Terrazzo -
Dating back to the 15th century in Venice Terrazzo was invented by workers who had odd pieces  of marble left after jobs, they would put these small pieces of marble in with clay and grind then down to make a more even walking surface. However, they found that the terrazzo would only show it’s true beauty and colours only come through when wet, so they tried using goats milk to get the true colour finish, which worked but was later replaced when Portland cement was introduced into the industry, which could be dyed any colour and meant there were endless possibilities and varieties of terrazzo. Great monuments were created using terrazzo such as George Washington’s home in Mt. Vernon. Although, terrazzo is over 500 years old the technique is constantly evolving and with the introduction of new materials being used such as epoxies and acrylics the possibilities are endless, with some terrazzo being created using things like glass, metal and seashells. It can be polished for a high shine finish many times meaning this can last for years when used.

Our geometric base table lamp is a fool proof way to add some terrazzo into your interior. This modern table lamp features and exposed bulb design with a white terrazzo base and is an authentic way to add some classy modern patterned furnishings. Ideal for a bed side table lamp in the bedroom or as complimenting table lamps for a modern lounge setting.

One of the oldest patterns used in today’s interiors is herringbone, it consists of a geometric pattern that is sometimes called “broken twill weave” it’s a zig zag pattern where the colours are alternated in each direction. Named for its similarities to the bone structure of the Herring fish, the earliest sign of herringbone was in ancient Egyptian jewellery worn by the elite. It was also a favourite with the Roman Empire and was used in buildings and roadways, the interlocking paving design was extremely strong and durable when used over a base of crushed stone. However, once the Roman Empire fell the Herringbone pattern disappeared only to be bought back to life in the European renaissance mainly in religious architecture.  The earliest herringbone fabrics are difficult to place, with traces of the pattern found in ancient Irish clothing, with herringbone suits being common, but when the fabric made its way to Italy it became a much more used by skilled tailors in suits for the upper class and it has remained on of the most popular cloths in tailoring today.

A classic example of where to use a herringbone fabric in your home would be our 3 tier grey herringbone, cotton and felt pendant shade, this shade makes it super easy to incorporate this timeless pattern into any room in your home. The subtle patterns would be perfect for not overwhelming smaller rooms or complimenting some statement patterns in a larger room.

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  1. Finley Terrazzo Table Lamp with Dusty Pink Aspen Shade
    Finley Terrazzo Table Lamp with Dusty Pink Aspen Shade
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  2. Jubilee Terrazzo Table Lamp with Grey Aspen Shade
    Jubilee Terrazzo Table Lamp with Grey Aspen Shade
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