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  1. Sheridan Steampunk Electric Pendant with Clear Glass Shade
  2. Ezrah Chrome Wall Light With Glass Dome Shade
  3. Colonial Steampunk Pendant Black and Antique Brass
  4. Large Flush Opal Globe Ceiling Shade
    Metropolis Pendant Shade with Opal Glass
    Special Price £17.00 Regular Price £28.00
  5. Faraday Basket Pendant Shade Copper
    Faraday Basket Pendant Shade in Copper
    Special Price £14.00 Regular Price £24.00
  6. Norton Steampunk Wall Light with Glass Shade
  7. Cruz Glass Globe with Wood Stand Table Lamp
  8. Lenko Wooden Pendant Shade
    Lenko Wooden Pendant Shade
  9. Hesketh Small Square Flush Ceiling Light
    Hesketh Small Square Flush Ceiling Light
    Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £24.00
  10. Excalibur Giant Droplet Flush Ceiling Light
    Excalibur Large K9 Glass Ceiling Fitting in Chrome
    Special Price £62.00 Regular Price £126.00
  11. Lloyd Chrome Wall Light With Conical Glass Shade
  12. Mario Tap Steampunk Black Red Brass Wall Light
  13. Colonial Black and Antique Brass Twin Wall Light
  14. Tiffany Jewel Uplighter Lampshade Amber
  15. Danish Pendant Shade
    Danish Pendant Shade
  16. Duomo Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light in Black
  17. Amadeus Pendant Shade Black
  18. Sheridan Wall Light with Amber Glass Shade
  19. George Monkey Wall Light Matt Black
  20. Bow IP64 Oval Bulkhead Wall Light Copper
  21. Diablo Copper Pendant Shade
    Diablo Copper Pendant Shade
    Special Price £9.00 Regular Price £14.00
  22. Morpho Tripod Floor Lamp with Gold Inner Shade

78 products

per page