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Iconic Lights Blog

5 Steps to Instant Relaxation


19 Feb 2018

Give yourself a time-out and follow our 5 ways to instant relaxation. Relaxation techniques are important to keep your level of wellbeing up and stress levels down. So learn to relax and you’ll be spreading the love all day long.


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By Suzi

Trends: Brass and Copper are in this Season


15 Feb 2018

One of the biggest trends currently is the use of traditional materials being reclaimed and restyled for the modern day home, bringing warmth to even the starkest, most minimalist of interiors.

Copper and brass are warm reflective materials that give traditional materials a lease of new life in the modern day home. We have steered away from brushed steels and shiny chromes, rediscovering traditional metals and alloys, finding new ways to work them into our home interiors. Such simple ideas include copper flanking a kitchen island to classic brass taps helping bring warmth to a marble bathroom, the rich colours of brass and copper adding a touch of style to the home.

Cover units in copper

The island unit in a kitchen extension can be flanked at either end with sheet copper. Invest in highly polished sheets of colour that give a golden colour, bringing a touch of glamour to a white unit.

 Copper and Brass Trend

Invest in industrial taps

Copper helps to bring a touch of industrial chic to any kitchen space. Look to invest in bespoke taps made using copper piping and simple valves. Expensive taps that appear in modernist kitchens help to create a beautiful space in contrast to marble tones.


Indulge in Brass brackets

Brass shelf brackets give a simple shelf a touch of personality. They can help bring life to a pale kitchen. White tiles and marble worktops can come across as cold, with brass brackets creating a soft contrast, helping to warm up a space.


Add as art

Brass can help to add interest to a scheme. The alloy was traditionally used for practical purposes such as house letters and numbers, lighting or taps. You should hunt in vintage shops for old brass fittings and pieces, coming up with unique ways to use them as decoration within the home.

 Copper Lamp and Brass Tables

Work in some piping

Copper piping runs beneath the floorboards in many of our homes, why not try bringing it out into the open. The piping would complement rustic stairs and sturdy beams, looking warm and unique in any old, characterful home.



Softly inject black tones

The use of chrome and steel can look cold against a plain black backdrop, with brass tones appearing warm and inviting. Brass tones can help gently punctuate a black wall, helping to soften the room without taking away from the dramatic appearance.

 Copper Feature Side Board

Add a funky feature wall

Treat your outside space to some striking metal designs. In your courtyard garden include a copper wall for a really dramatic look, or simply work copper in on decorative items such as mirrors and garden sculptures throughout your outdoor living space.


Add a bold copper fixture

An antique copper tub would look amazing taking centre stage in a bathroom, with copper towel rail helping to pick up the theme, adding warmer, reflective colours to your living space.

 Copper Pendant and Pink Wall

Invest in a fire surround

Within the living room you could have a unique feature in the form of a fireplace finished with copper. The soft glow of the copper creates a matching frame for the flickering flames, and draws the eye without over powering the space.



By Claudia

Unique Bedside Lamps to Brighten up Your Bedroom


12 Feb 2018

Bedside lamps can often change the feel of a bedroom completely, so it’s worth investing money and time into choosing a lamp that is going to compliment your bedroom interior.

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By Claudia

Wild No More: Reclaim Your Garden


08 Feb 2018

It’s that time of year when things start to look rather bleak. Resolutions that were made in the highest of spirits are starting to waver, you’ve been stuck indoors for weeks and despite drinking so much Mango and Lychee green tea that it’s coming out of your ears, you still don’t have abs yet.

Out in the garden, things aren’t faring much better. Dark, uninviting and distinctly more wild than you remember it being, something needs to be done. To get you started, we’ve put together 3 easy steps to help you take back your garden and start enjoying the outdoors once more.

Step 1: The Tidy

It’s not an inviting prospect, but throw on some wellies and get out there! Sweep up those dead leaves, they’re messy and a serious slip hazard. Pick up anything that’s out of place, as small as they may seem, a stray football or piece of rubbish can make a huge difference to the overall look of the garden. Think of them like those dead pixels you get on screens sometimes, small, but the longer you look at them, the more annoying they get.

Festoon Lighting

Step 2: Keep It Safe

Once you’ve got the garden looking reasonably tidy, now would be the best time to add some functional lighting to keep things safe. Plinth and bollard lights are a great way to subtly illuminate anywhere that you regularly walk, but for something really effective try a motion sensor security light.

Garden Lighting
Step 3: Accentuate

The final step is to add a splash of colour. For the ground level, plant a few frost-defying cyclamen or some delicate snowdrops. They look fantastic and will come back bigger and stronger each year. Look a little higher and bathe your garden or balcony in some much-needed warmth with the help of some decorative outdoor lights. Go for something bright and cheery, such as these gorgeous dragonfly lights or keep it classy with festoon lights. String them along fences, branches, and walls at eye-level. In the midst of all that grey, they’ll provide a positive lift and make the place look inviting again.


Once you’ve tidied and illuminated, it’s time to get back out and enjoy your garden. Dark winter nights are perfect for stargazing, so wrap up warm and get the kids involved. Alternatively, embrace a great American tradition by roasting marshmallows or making s’mores around a fire.

How ever you choose to enjoy your newly reclaimed garden, that steamy cup of green tea is sure to taste much better after an hour out in the fresh air.


By Marion

Get the Mid-century Modern Look


05 Feb 2018

Mid-century modern is made up of clean lines and natural materials, creating a fresh look even today. The style was developed during the central decades of the 20th century, between the 1930s to the late 1960s. The clean aesthetic was based upon transporting the post-war home into the modern era, rethinking everything from architecture to furniture design.

Mid-century modern is depicted by clean simplicity and natural shapes. It takes elements from the modernist Bauhaus movement, developing them into a style that is more user-friendly. Mid-century modern focuses on the simple form, using contemporary patterns and natural materials to create pieces that look stylish but are also comfortable and functional within the home.

Statement lighting

The mid-century period is known for its creative lighting with such classic pieces such as the Arco lamp and Sputnik pendant providing works of art in the home whilst acting as a functional light source.

The PH5 pendant by Danish designer Poul Henningsen adds a touch of mid-century Scandinavian chic to the dining space, ideally placed directly over the table to create a central feature within the room.

Celebrate the simple form

Clean lines within the home helps to create a simple backdrop, adding uncomplicated mid-century style to your interior. Sofas and chairs featuring slim legs and neat upholstery will ensure your home feels bigger, giving the illusion of more space. Allowing more of the floor to be visible will also help to make your living space appear larger.

Incorporate graphic patterns

Mid-century style focused on simplicity with pattern rarely featuring in the look. However, graphic designs were occasionally used as accents in the home. This could involve cushions combined with patterns of squares and circles and such mid-century colours as yellow, blue and green.

Expose striking features

Mid-century architecture exposes the underlying fabric of a building, celebrating strong lines and materials. This includes roof beams, wood-panelled walls and painted brickwork integrated into a room, not hidden behind plasterboard.

Embrace the classic look

Mid-century design was often seen as innovative in style, using timeless materials such as wood. The look focuses on simplicity decorated with classic colours that complement the organic simple forms used.

Art as accent

The mid-century period was a bold era for artistic form, with Jackson Pollock and Roy Lichtenstein bringing a hint of bold colour and style to your home. Choose a bold abstract print and hang it against a simple white wall to give your home a touch of modern style.

Mid-century modern combines the organic form with man-made structures, giving your home a touch of the natural world while exploring shapes, shades and styles that will give your home a contemporary feel.

Mid-century modern is for those who wish to abandon white minimalism for varying shades and tones, who love vintage and want a touch of Mad Men style in their living space.

Embrace natural colours

The mid-century colour palette is inspired by nature, combining greens, blues and accents of yellow. These shades compliment the wood that features throughout a mid-century-inspired home.

Invest in a sleek kitchen

Mid-century kitchens looked to the future, embracing gadgets designed to revolutionise a household. Simplicity was key, with clean lines, sleek materials and simple palettes applying throughout the home.

Work in wooden tones

Wooden furniture was a huge part of mid-century design, delivering a blend of natural and organic tones with simple, modern shapes and forms.


Create a clean, modern look, sprinkled with accessories from the mid-century period to add interest to the space without making it appear cluttered. This can include a bold lamp shade, cushion, curtain, rug or ornament to give your home a personalised touch.

Step outside

Get rid of chunky wooden garden furniture, bringing the mid-century vibe outside. Incorporate simple cane furniture with elegant lines to create a natural feel, perfect indoors or out.



By Claudia

Trends of 2018


01 Feb 2018

Bone Inlay

"Bone Inlay is a technique that involves fixing intricate, hand-carved pieces of camel bone and/or mother-of-pearl into a wooden frame, which is then filled with a (sometimes coloured) resin". This creates a beautiful intricate design with a Moroccan feel. This stunning effect that could be easily recreated using a stencil or even masking tape.

 Patterned Plants

In last few years we've seen succulents and cacti be at the forefront of interior trends and now it's the turn of patterned plants. Greenery such as Prayer Plants and Calathea Plants are the perfect contrast and nail this trend. The textured effect creates an eye-catching look that adds uniqueness and depth to any space.


Terrazzo is typically a flooring material made up of small pieces of granite and marble, set in concrete. But we see big things for this intricate Italian pattern, we're thinking it would make great wallpaper and of course incorporated into a designer table lamp. This material is the perfect way of subtly incorporating the marble trend into any area of your home.

 Mixed Metallics

Metals have been huge for the last couple of years. The industrial look and feel of Copper is still set to be massive but the mixing of metals to create a super edgy and industrial feel will be so in


Sage is already all over Pinterest. This natural tone is the perfect complement to any tone especially dusty pinks. It would be so easy to incorporate this trend into your home without too much work - maybe a Sage feature wall in the bathroom or your bedroom or a couple of cushions in the living room?


We're not joking and it’s not 1970. Herringbone is not going away. This pattern was originally used as tile flooring before making its way onto wallpaper and cloth. The design is characterised by a specific arrangement of rectangles at angles to create a geometric effect. A sage coloured Herringbone design would be the perfect way of nailing two trends in one. Or if you’re feeling particularly design savvy, Herringbone is the perfect match with metallics. How about teaming a Herringbone lamp with gold and brass pots or vases – beautiful.

By Jasmin

6 Things that add character to any home


22 Jan 2018

  1. Books

Books are a great way to add personality and fun into your home. Whether is beautiful coffee table books, classic novels or a collection of best-selling autobiographies books add an element of character and appeal to your home.


Check out our top favourite books below;

 2. Blankets

This one might sound obvious, but blankets are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home. With a coffee table book there’s a chance you could fall in love with one, put it on a shelf and never look past page one but a blanket – a blanket is something else. Both stylish and functional, you’re bound to snuggle up under your big fluffy blanket in front of Saturday tele.

Chunky Knit Blanket

Find our favorites below;;132113;8071&colorId=622&gclid=Cj0KCQiAus_QBRDgARIsAIRGNGgWAOsRVkYkb07QVe73I-0-kcXmFCXQYvvcI4a2PAHc-gRxv6VJ__8aAjwgEALw_wcB&keyWordCatentry=PLAIN%20FAUX%20FUR%20DOUBLE%20LAYER%20BLANKET

3. Statement pieces

Whether it’s a lamp, sofa, a bulky antique chest of drawers or giant piece of art, statement pieces add class and character. They say something about you and your home and can be a complete representation of you. Take one of our favourite bloggers – Megan Ellaby ( her flat tour blog post was truly impressive. The art work and quirky pieces she’s collated are the epitome of here. Take the framed sheet music of Baby bird – You’re Gorgeous or the Andy Warhol, Yellow Chanel Bottle Print for example. The pieces Megan’s chosen truly represent her.

Cambridge Iconic Original


A home would make a pretty sad and dingy place without some sort of lighting. An upgrade in your lighting choses can completely redesign a room. Making simple changes to your lighting can make a huge difference to a small space. Changing a tired shade for a fitting with an exposed bulb or lowering the cord can instantly upgrade a room. Lighting fixtures can add extra space to a room or bring décor together. As can be seen in the images, the simple adding of lights makes the room look on trend and stylish. The space looks as if it’s been curated and has purpose.

Floor lamps are perfect for accent lighting and adding light at an unconventional level. Large lamps like the Arkos featured in the images add a statement to any room. Your eye is immediately drawn to it and it stands out against the brick wall. This lamp has a similar effect in a white room are against a feature wall. It says, ‘I’m here and I’m style’.

Different types and levels of light add an intriguing touch to any space. Combine spotlights in shelves, with a floor lamp and a corner ceiling light to add definition and depth to a room. Or think functionally, many of us combine a ceiling light and bedside lights in our bedrooms. Similarly, different levels of light in one fitting add complexity to a simple space. Imagine one or two of our Eyeball 3 Way Pendant Ceiling Light with its shade at various levels over a dining table, it’s perfection.

The before and after images featured show minimalism at its best. The lighting and plant create a haven of relaxation. There aren’t many things and it’s not fussy. This allows the walls and the lighting to speak for themselves. They don’t get lost in the room and that’s what we love.

Clean lines and the absence of complication add a modern edge that is really on trend. The minimalist movement is growing vastly, and we want to grow with it.

Iconic Originals

5. Candles

Everyone loves candles -  fact. No matter your style, personality, likes or dislikes, there’s a scent for you. There’s something about candles that just make home feel amazing and nothing feels as good as unwrapping a fresh candle. Check out our favourite scents below;


 6. Plants

This is one trend that we have fallen completely in love with. There are so many reasons to love plants in your home. They’re pretty, they’re healthy, they clean the air, they reduce air-bourne dust levels and they just make you feel better.

Check out our plant inspiration below;

 Hastings Lifestyle

 Iconic Originals

Hastings Lifestyles

By Jasmin

Accent Lighting: Amp Up Visual Drama In Your Home


05 Jan 2018

Mar 28, 2017 leif

Accent lighting does what it says on the tin; it accents aspects of a room using directed light. By providing focused light on a particular object or area of a room, it adds drama by creating visual interest. As part of an interior design scheme, it is used to draw the eye to houseplants, paintings, sculptures and other prized possessions. It can also be used to highlight the texture of a brick or stone wall or in outdoor landscaping.


So, where to begin? To figure out where you could potential add accent lighting, take a good look around the room and try to make note of any areas that your gaze is naturally drawn to. Try to step away your own perspective and look as if you’re entering the room for the first time. The areas you normally see first may be based on habit, or because you know where things are. If you’re struggling ask someone to help, a fresh pair of eyes should do the trick.




Next, figure out which features are your personal favourites. Now that you’ve completed step one, you can go back and choose the features you personally like the most. After all, it’s your home, so you should highlight the parts that you like to look at too.


The third and golden rule when it comes to accent lighting is to only illuminate the areas you’d like to draw attention to. Just because you like something or it catches your eye does not mean it’s worth highlighting with accent lighting. Make sure any options you consider are aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the overall look of the room.

There’s no point spending time, money and effort installing a set of beautiful new wall lights if they’re only going to draw attention to how badly plastered the wall is, or illuminate that awful painting your mother-in-law gave you.




Accent lighting doesn’t always have to shine a spotlight on another feature of your home. Some lights can embody both aspects; they are both a piece of art and a self-contained light source. Any fitting with an exceptionally pleasing look, which is only complemented by the type of light it emits, can be said to fall in to this category.

Think of items such as tiffany style table lamps, whose soft diffused light draws attention to its beautifully ornate shade. By being both decorative and practical, these lights represent a type of functional décor that is, and always has been, a keen interest of great designers.


There are countless other ways to use accent lighting in your home, we’ve only touched on a few to get you started. No matter how you choose to proceed, always to trust your gut. Whilst there are agreed principles and trends in the world of interior design, it’s also important you allow your own personality to come through.

Create a space that you think looks great, even if it’s not in everyone’s taste. In the words of the late Dorothy Draper: “If it looks right, it is right.”


By Leif

What’s Hot for 2018? Inspirational Trends at The Forefront of Style


21 Dec 2017

No, it’s not your Nan’s house in 1985! The rich golden tones of brass furniture and lighting are set for a comeback and will be in high demand throughout 2018. A simple piece of metal can do so much, and the once old-fashioned brass trend has been revived with a 21st-century twist that will make you want to get the Brasso that has been sitting under the sink for the past 20 years out and start polishing again.

Here are our hot tips on how to make it work within your home.

  • Brass goes with pretty much everything. When it comes to colour coordination, brass is a dream come true. It works with neutral tones, dark rich tones and even pastels, don’t be restricted to colour, when it comes to brass don’t be afraid go bold.

  • You don’t need to go over the top. Simple elements add enough of a golden lustre to create a huge impact. By simply accessorising with brass tones you can give your home a more elegant feel. Try using brass lamps or ornaments sparsely throughout your room 

  • GO BIG! Brass Is Beautiful and if you like to be a show off do it with brass. Use brass on kitchen cupboard handles, on walls, in sinks and if you are flash even splash out for a brass bathtub

  • Mix it with marble. This modern combination of marble and brass is exquisite. Brass works alongside all colours of marble creating modern décor with a 1980’s twist.

  • Search the attic. It’s true what they say one person's trash is another person treasure. Ask older family members, maybe your Mum, Dad or Grandparents to search through their attics or garages to see if the is some buried treasure left over from the 1980’s. Sometimes all it takes is a polish to bring things back to life. Keep an eye out for lamps, mirrors, clocks and ornaments. See some examples of vintage brass wear below.




By Marion

Iconic Lights’ Top 5 Products


20 Dec 2017

Wilhelm Wall Light in Antique Brass

Our Wilhelm Wall Light with an antique brass finish is very popular, particularly with the black shade, and we can certainly see why! Reminiscent of the task lamps used during the industrial revolution, you can add a modern steampunk twist to any room with one (or more) of these wall lights.

 Wilhelm Wall Light


Angus Table Lamp

If you want to keep up the industrial theme, why not check out our Angus Table Lamps? Proven to be a hit both in the UK and in Europe, the wire cage-themed design looks stunning with almost any décor.

 Angus Table Lamp


Diablo Pendant Shade

If the Angus Table Lamps caught your eye, consider adding a Diablo Pendant Shade to your room. Perfect for a steampunk or industrial style space, and it complements wood and exposed brickwork perfectly.

 Diablo Pendant Shade



Fisherman’s Pendant Shade

If copper is your style, but you’re not sold on the steampunk theme, have a look at our contemporary Ukai Fisherman’s Pendant Shade. Perfect when paired with an LED filament bulb, this designer style shade is a real highlight in any room.

 Fisherman's Pendant Shade

Raincloud Pendant Shade

Our Raincloud Pendant Shade makes a wonderful addition to any children’s room – and doesn’t it look stunning? Inspired by the rainy weather we get here in Manchester at Iconic Lights, but without sacrificing the sunshine!

 Raincloud Pendant Shade

By Rebecca

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