What is Tiffany lighting? What is Art Deco lighting? Can I get the right lighting if I'm working from home? What is Japandi lighting? What are the expected lighting trends in 2021? If you've got a question about trends, modernist lighting, or home lighting decor ideas, Iconic have the answer. Search our blog.

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  1. Embrace Your Space - @Sineadcrowe

    Discover how @Sineadcrowe creates a neutral and minimalistic home that still feels cosy and lived in. One way Sinead achieves this is opting for warm glow lighting that is sure to make any space feel homely and warm.

  2. Embrace Your Space - @mishkashoe

    Mishkashoe has been curating her forever home since June 2019, squeezing in as many lockdown DIY projects as possible over the UK’s never-ending lockdowns. As a natural creative, Michaela takes inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, and traces out her visions before bringing them to life!

  3. Embrace Your Space - @deco.dwelling

    Laura describes her award-winning home as an art deco mid-century mash up… and we can confirm it certainly matches up to this description! 

  4. Embrace Your Space - @thistimeincolour

    Ola’s colourful home is every Maximalist’s dream, where every inch is filled with saturated colour, bold patterns and curated objects. 

  5. Morning Moments

    With many of us working from home for the past year, our morning routines have completely changed.

  6. Styling Cottagecore

    There have been various country living trends over the years, but Cottagecore has inevitably topped them all in popularity, recently snagging the number one spot for UK home décor 2021 trends.

  7. Styling Scandi and Industrial Homes

    Scandinavian Interior Design has been around since the 1950’s and still remains very popular today. Characterised by functionality, simplicity, and minimalism, this style is all about ‘less is more’ for an ultimate effortless look.

  8. 2021 Trends: Statement Pieces, Natural Elements, and Grey

    With a new year come new interiors design trends. We’re bringing you the interior design trends of 2021, so you can get on board early, and be the trendsetters we know you are!

  9. Interior Trends 2021

    We have listed below the upcoming interior trends that are going to be everywhere this year! From new industrial to Grandmillennial, there is something for everyone and certainly lots of room to get creative!

  10. A rainbow full of colour

    Interviewing the people behind the most colourful homes on Instagram.

  11. Tiffany Style Lighting

    The iconic ‘Tiffany style’ refers to stained leaded glass, the iconic look originating from the dominant influence of artist Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933).

  12. How to host a virtual dinner party + mood lighting

    We have the ultimate guide for you to host the perfect virtual dinner party for you and your friends to stay connected.

  13. How to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere

    Turning your home into a festive wonderland is no small feat but it can be a tonne of fun and really help get everyone in the festive spirit.

  14. A frosted Christmas: (tips for how to have a frosted Christmas theme)

    And there are ways to bring that Christmas spirit into your home; we have several styling tips to help you get it.

  15. Styling Victorian Homes

    Traditional Victorian interiors were dark and ornate, and dominated by rich inky colours such as forest green and cool navy, symbolising wealth and opulence.

  16. Lighting for the Iconic Games Night

    Whether it’s family game night, or you’ve got your friends round for an evening of competition, game nights are the perfect way to reconnect.

  17. Setting the mood for entertaining

    Whether it’s drinks with the girls, or having the guys over for a catch up with a sibling, one of our favourite simple pleasures in life is entertaining.
  18. Creating an Iconic cocktail evening at home

    Had a long, hard week? Polishing off the bottle of wine from the back of the cupboard just won’t cut it?

  19. Three steps to create an Iconic Date Night

    With everything going on in recent times, date nights are growing increasingly harder to come-by. Gone are the days of booking a restaurant.

  20. Lighting for the iconic movie night

    There is no better way to unwind from a stressful week than indulging in a full-blown movie marathon.

  21. Lighting for the iconic dinner party

    Dinner parties have been around for centuries. They are the perfect way to connect with your peers.

  22. Contemporary pendant lighting for a kitchen island

    Everyone knows that the kitchen is the social hub of the home, from sitting down every evening and catching up at family mealtime to having guests over.

  23. Post Modern Lighting

    Originating in the 1960’s, post modernism really flourished between 1970 and 1990. As a stark contrast to the minimalist designs found in Modern design, post modernism utterly rejects the linear ideas that one thing leads to another. 

  24. Bring In The Modern - Italian Style Floor Lamps

    It is no big secret that Italians have an inherent eye for good design. With their Roman roots, interior designing was a hobby of the Italian upper class.

  25. The Perfect Lighting for Open Plan Living

    First appearing in the post-war years, open plan living was used as a more relaxed approach for young growing families.

  26. What is Art Deco Lighting?

    Although Art Deco originated in Paris during the late 1910’s, this design movement truly came to life in America, fuelled by the roaring twenties.

  27. The Difference Between Modern and Traditional Ceiling Lights

    When planning the lighting for your home, whether it be a new home or a renovation, ultimately it comes down to style and functionality. 

  28. The Perfect Lighting for Small Kitchens

    It’s no big secret that lighting can have an amazing effect on a room, so if you’re looking to make your slightly smaller than desirable kitchen feel more spacious the right lighting is key.

  29. Take a walk on the wild side: Discover the Animal Lighting Trend

    Animal lovers rejoice! What started out as just cute lamps being used for nurseries, has evolved into an ever-growing trend with a wide range of animal lighting that’s not just for kids anymore! 

  30. Get the Look: The industrial Trend

    An industrial interior is the perfect balance of vintage and modern and is an ever-growing trend starting in the early 70’s when old warehouses, factories and mills were being renovated into new living or commercial spaces.

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