Our Iconic Christmas Traditions


Fashions and trends by their nature come and go, but when it comes to traditions, these are something we want to celebrate and uphold. And at Christmas time, putting up and decorating a tree, giving and receiving gifts and eating turkey are just the tip of the tradition’s iceberg.

Things we Love About Christmas

Many of our Christmas traditions have been around for ever and are still observed today. Carol singing, for instance dates back thousands of years, when songs were sung by Pagans as part of the Winter Solstice celebrations. Whilst kissing under the mistletoe can be traced back to ancient Greece and the Saturnalia festival. And Christmas trees, perhaps our most recognised Christmas tradition, were first used in Estonia in the 1400’s – the list goes on.

All of these old traditions feed in to the theatre, the drama of the festive season, making it feel special and magical. There are, however, plenty of newer Christmas traditions that, love them or hate them have become part and parcel festive DNA.

Newfangled Christmas Traditions?  

Christmas jumpers have become commonplace ever since the Scandinavians started wearing them around the turn of the 20th century – this was also around the time we first started decorating Christmas tress with electric fairy lights. More recently, the charming tradition of gifting new pyjamas to your nearest and dearest on Christmas Eve has become very popular.

In with the Old and in with the New

You only have to look at one of the numerous “our favourite Christmas traditions” lists online to see new and older traditions are blended together in our collective psyche – the following list was published by one of the UK’s most popular red top newspapers last year.

Christmas 2018 Favourite Traditions

  • Having turkey on Christmas
  • Watching a classic Christmas
  • Listening to Christmas
  • Sending Christmas
  • Opening Christmas
  • Playing board games/ charades.
  • Wearing Christmas
  • Eating Christmas

We at Iconic Lights, however weren’t satisfied by the words of the popular British press and so we decided to conduct our own research and publish it here for all to see. We asked 10 of our hardworking and talented team to put forward their own favourite Christmas tradition and here’s what they said.

Iconic Lights Marketing Team: Best Christmas Traditions 2019

1) Lauren - Trading Exec - Christmas Eve Pyjamas

2) Josh - Customer Acquisitions Exec - Bacon sarnies on Christmas morning

3) Beth - Digital Marketing Exec - Mimosas on Christmas morning

4) Therese- Ecommerce Manager - Mulled wine

5) Simon - Marketing Director -  leaving a glass of milk or whiskey out for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer

6) Phil - Brand Manager - Christmas Jumpers

7) Marlena - Digital Designer - Opening a Christmas eve present

8) Jas - Social Media Exec - Pyjamas, hot chocolate, duvet and Christmas movies

9) Brad - Digital Designer -  Board games

10) Stewart- SEO Manger - Putting up the tree and listening to Christmas songs

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us.