Post Modern Lighting


Originating in the 1960’s, post modernism really flourished between 1970 and 1990. As a stark contrast to the minimalist designs found in Modern design, post modernism utterly rejects the linear ideas that one thing leads to another. It plays on vibrant, playful shapes and colours with a focus on the extravagant and embracing the unconventional. The hippy culture of the 1960’s paved the way for a new free flowing, creative expression in everything from art, music and fashion creating a new cutting-edge style for interior design. So, if you are thinking about opting for a Post-modern interior, forget everything you THINK you know about interiors and just follow the good vibes man!

cruz glass globe

On the note of rethinking how your interiors should look also rethink how your lamps should look with this unconventional design. Our Cruz glass globe with wooden stand table lamp features a large glass globe shade and sits on a complimenting wooden square base. The contrasting shapes and unique design gives a vintage feel yet still a post-modern vibe to any space.

uriel table lamps

For a really out-there statement piece, our unique Uriel feather table lamps are ideal. In a round design and available with pink, white or grey feather these bold table lamps are about as playful and vibrant as it gets. Ideal as a pair for adding a post-modern twist in your lounge or as bedside table lamps in the bedroom.

curva floor lamp

Our Curva cool grey floor lamp is perfect as a post-modern statement piece in the lounge or dining room. With a cool grey stem, 3-way design and black marble base that adds to the style and sturdiness of the lamp- the real eye catcher here is the multicoloured dome shades. And if that doesn’t quite fit with your interior, we have various colour shades available, so you can mix it up and create an impeccable floor lamp perfectly suited to your style.

curva floor lamp with dome shade

The second Curva floor lamp we have to offer is a more understated post-modern piece for those with less floor space. This curved floor lamp features a black stem and base and can be paired with our domed shades in a variety of finishes including brightly coloured finishes such as lime green, for a real pop of colour.

civic ceiling light

If you are looking to add a post-modern twist on an already existing ceiling pendant, our civic shades are highly appropriate. They are available in a matt black, dark grey, pink, French blue, mustard, cool grey, white, red, silver, cornflour blue, cream, or cement effect finish. There really is something for everyone. These shades are ideal for use throughout the household and the wide selection available means you can colour match each room or add a splash of colour by simply fitting a shade.


  1. Casco Chrome Pendant with Yellow Arco Shade
    Casco Chrome Pendant with Yellow Arco Shade
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    Indra Velvet Table Lamp in Claret
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