Setting the mood for entertaining


Whether it’s drinks with the girls, or having the guys over for a catch up with a sibling, one of our favourite simple pleasures in life is entertaining with a nice bottle of red or a few ice-cold beers. It’s something that we spend the day preparing for. From wiping the month-old dust from the shelves, to displaying our brand-new homeware accessory, ready for all the compliments – everything must be perfect to create an atmosphere that people simply don’t want to leave. Everyone has their personal art to entertaining, but here are our top tips on setting the mood for entertaining and turning ‘just a couple of drinks’ into a party.

1. Informal Ambience

the thing we love about our homes is that people feel at home. We love the relaxed feel of an open bottle of wine, a linen tablecloth, and plenty of comfy yet stylish places to sit. Adding touches that are rarely thought of such as painting the inside of an oyster shell gold, and using it to hold salt.

2. Set the table

if you’re gathering around the dining table. Dress it till your heart’s content. A linen tablecloth in a muted tone can hide a multitude of sins. We love using greenery as a centre piece: think a perfectly selected branch of a pine tree or a conifer positioned in a large glass vase. And candles are a must, there’s nothing better than walking into a well- scented room, and candles will set the mood and keep it going all night long.

3. Dulcet tones

music is one of the best ways to create an atmosphere. We love the ‘Dinner with Friends’ playlist on Spotify. It’s the perfect balance of mellow and upbeat to keep the mood light, and has just enough new music to prompt conversation.

4. Lighting

It wouldn’t be entertaining if you didn’t think about lighting. The trick is to make the room well-lit enough that it isn’t romantic – unless that’s what you’re going for of course – but dim enough to still create an atmosphere. We recommend using lower level lighting, such as table lamps that obscure the light slightly like the Axton Table Lamp, and floor lamps that direct light downwards, such as the Curva Floor Lamp.


If the last 6 months have taught us anything, it’s about the importance of spending time with family and friends. There really is nothing better than getting around a table with loved ones, and indulging in great conversation and making memories that last a lifetime. Tag us in your mood setting inspiration with the #poweringyoureveryday.