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Iconic Lights offers a range of stylish, innovative, Classic and Contemporary designer lights, with a collection of renowned interior designers, architects and engineers who have helped shape the lighting industry through both functional and fashionable lighting design. A designer light can add a bold, creative statement to your home with many iconic designs of the last century complimenting modern interiors of the 21st century. Whether you’re looking for an industrial, minimalist look, a bold brightly coloured fixture or a subtle, traditional feature, we have a wide range to choose from.


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  1. Iconic Cubik Painted Electric Pendant in Matt Black
    ICONIC Cubik Painted Electric Pendant
    £25.00 Regular Price £90.00
  2. George Monkey Wall Light in Gold
    George Monkey Wall Light
    £29.99 Regular Price £48.00
  3. Bow IP64 Oval Bulkhead Wall Light in Brushed Chrome
    Bow IP64 Oval Bulkhead Wall Light
    £47.99 Regular Price £65.00
  4. Diablo Black Pendant Shade
    Diablo Pendant Shade
    £7.00 Regular Price £15.00
  5. Wilhelm Antique Brass Style Wall Light with Black Shade
  6. Baby Georgina Monkey Table Lamp in Silver
  7. Trenley IP44 Up/Down Wall Light in Copper
    Gainsford IP44 Up Down Wall Light
    £10.00 Regular Price £22.00
  8. Penglai Cement Fishermans Pendant Shade
    Penglai Fishermans Pendant Shade
    £9.00 Regular Price £30.00
  9. Morpho Tripod Floor Lamp with Gold Inner Shade
    Morpho Tripod Floor Lamp
  10. Crawford Copper Tripod Floor Lamp with XL Cool Grey Reni Shade
    Crawford Copper Tripod Floor Lamp with XL Reni Shade
    £41.00 Regular Price £70.00
  11. Metropolis Pendant Shade with Opal Glass
  12. Pineapple Touch Table Lamp in Gold with Black Shade
    Pineapple Touch Table Lamp
    £30.00 Regular Price £40.00
  13. Hamish 3 Way Basket Electric Pendant
    Hamish 3 Way Basket Electric Pendant
    £13.00 Regular Price £50.00
  14. Iconic Dorian Retro Dome Electric Pendant in Copper
    ICONIC Retro Dome Electric Pendant
    £20.00 Regular Price £100.00
  15. Civic Metal Pendant Shade
    Civic Metal Pendant Shade
    £11.99 Regular Price £22.00
  16. Lobster Pot Basket Pendant Shade in Cream
  17. Aztec Felt Herringbone Pyramid Pendant Shade
  18. Amadeus Wire Pendant Shade in Gold
    Amadeus Wire Pendant Shade
  19. Retro 3-Way Eyeball Ceiling Light in Copper
  20. Lepus Gold Ceramic Hare Table Lamp
    Lepus Ceramic Hare Table Lamp
    £30.00 Regular Price £40.00
  21. Chianti Wicker Pendant Shade in Natural
    Chianti Wicker Pendant Shade
  22. Faraday Basket Pendant Shade in Copper
  23. Reni Large Pendant Shade in White
    Reni Large Pendant Shade in White
    Special Price £15.99 Regular Price £30.00

417 products

per page