2021 Trends: Statement Pieces, Natural Elements, and Grey


With a new year come new interiors design trends. We’re bringing you the interior design trends of 2021, so you can get on board early, and be the trendsetters we know you are! In quick summary, this year is all about earthy textures, statement pieces, and multitudes of grey. All of which are adaptable, and completely versatile to different styles of home.  

Natural Elements

This trend is all about utilising organic materials, and embracing their unperfect textures and forms. Incorporating raw materials, such as natural stone and wood, into your home is adaptable and versatile; you can use these elements to create a tranquil and calm space, using neutral coloured soft stone; or you could create a masculine and industrial feel with an exposed brick wall and metal pipes and beams.


Water and Fire

Another great way to bring an earthy and natural ambience to your home is incorporating water, and fire. Is there anything that creates that warm, fuzzy ‘home’ feeling more than cosying up next to a crackling log fire? If you do not have the luxury of a log fire, the same effect can be created with lots of candles, particularly ones with naturally-inspired scents. If you’re wanting to up the tranquillity even more, place a small water feature on an accent table. That flowing sound of water will be sure to have your mind clearing in seconds.


Last but not least… what better way of bringing the outdoors in, than with an abundance of houseplants! You can never have enough greenery throughout your home, from fresh flowers to large green plants. If you would prefer to keep a neutral colour theme, pampas-grass and dried flowers are a great alternative.

Natural elements lighting

Although lighting is artificial, you can still achieve a natural and earthy feel with the shade and stand of the lamp. A big trend at the moment is rattan lampshades. This can vary from large and statement, to smaller and more minimalist. To achieve the most natural look, opt for naturally coloured rattan. Wood is warm in colour, leaving your home feeling cosy, and intimate. On the other hand, concrete stone is cool toned, which is perfect for achieving a contemporary and clean finish. A popular trend continuing into 2021 is having concrete lamp bases with unusual and untouched shaping. Embracing lighting features, in their natural material and form, will add character and dimension to your home. Below is selection of our natural elements lighting.

Statement Pieces

Despite the minimalist trend dominating the world of interiors for years now, we are slowly moving away from clear and empty spaces, and instead moving towards filling spaces with statement pieces. A statement piece is simply anything that anchors a room, and usually this provides the guide to style the rest of the room. So, top tip if you’re renovating a room, choose your statement pieces first, and then work from there. As the name suggests, statement pieces are also supposed to be bold and eye-catching, which makes for a great talking point when we can all eventually have guests over again! This could be a bold-coloured sofa, or a marble sculpture, but one of the more common statement features you’ll find in a home is lighting. The great thing about statement lighting is that you don’t have to think about changing up an entire colour-scheme, or re-painting the walls. You can completely transform a room without spending days re-decorating!

Lighting can make a statement in lots of different ways; it may be because of its size, its striking colour, or perhaps its quirky and unusual shaping. We have a great variety of statement lighting that will instantly add some wow-factor to your home!


We’ve done our research and it’s official… 2021 will be highlighted by grey tones. One of the many reasons grey is so popular is because of its versatility. It’s the go-between light and dark, making it the perfect shade to go with neutral shades, as well as breaking up darker colours.

A neutral soft grey palette is the perfect base for injecting Scandinavian style. It will perfectly complement rustic wooden futures for an overall clean and minimal design, with pockets of personality. Light grey is also commonly paired with white to achieve a functional and contemporary design. This is a softer alternative to a monochrome design if you’re seeking something less contrasting.

We have endless grey lighting options; from Scandinavian to Industrial, we have something to work with any style, any home. Discover our grey lighting below.