Three steps to create an Iconic Date Night


With everything going on in recent times, date nights are growing increasingly harder to come-by. Gone are the days of booking a restaurant last minute, going for a spa evening, or smuggling your pre-bought snacks into the cinema. So, for now, we must accept those famous words and ‘embrace the new normal’. It is time to get creative, and create your date night at home! Need some inspiration for setting up your own at-home date night? We have you covered:- below are three easy steps to create an Iconic date night setting in the comfort of your own home!

1. Prepare your food and drink

Now, it is a lot easier to just order a take-away or shove a ready meal in the oven. But, if you’re after an extra special date night, something to really get yourself excited for, we recommend cooking your food from scratch. Plus, you can’t beat the accomplished feeling you get when you relish the first bite of your mouth-watering, home-made success!

If you’re wanting to pull out all the stops, you could create a themed menu. No one does romance better than Paris, otherwise known as the city of love. Perhaps Paris could be your theme, cooking French origin dishes, such as beef bourguignon, French onion soup … or, if you are feeling more adventurous, frogs’ legs and snails! For the perfect finishing touch to your French themed evening, you could add a red and white checked tablecloth, as well as novelty table favours, such as a beret, or a miniature Eiffel tower souvenir.

Now, let us not forget about the drink. Carrying on with the French theme, you could opt for an impressive, vintage French wine. You could even do wine-pairing for each course! The plus side here of course, is that if the food doesn’t go to plan, you and your date will be too drunk to realise!

All this food and drink preparation is going to take a good few days to plan and arrange. So, why not write up / type up a menu, with a swirly font and some images that indicate the theme. Then send it out to your date to really build up the excitement!

2. Set the mood with lighting

The right lighting for a date night is crucial to set the mood and create a great ambience. Without getting too scientific, lighting has a huge effect on our mood and how we feel - without us even realising!

To create a relaxed and romantic setting, you should opt for warm, white over cool-white bulbs. Cool-white bulbs are made up of mostly blue undertones, and this colour activates the mind and makes us feel energised - which is great for working out, or revising for an exam. But, unless you and your date are thinking of going head-to-head in a competitive game of chess, I don’t think blue lighting is necessary. On the contrary, warm white bulbs have yellow undertones. The colour yellow makes us feel relaxed, and symbolises warmth and happiness - a perfect way to unwind from the day, and enjoy one another’s company.

The Morpho Floor Lamp with Gold Inner Shade is perfect for a date night, as you can have this on as an alternative to a ceiling light. This way, the light isn’t so glaring. You can move the head of the light around to create a downwards light, or upwards light. The gold inner shade gives off the most beautiful, soft yellow glow- perfect for creating a positive mood.

We also have smaller table light options that emit a warm, yellowed light. They are similar to a candle as they are smaller in size and as such don’t give off as much light. They are great for later on in the evening, when you may want to darken and cosy up the room.

If you want to take romantic lighting to the next level, our Tiffany Aztec Table Lamp will do just that! The red-stained glass creates a warm red glow that will keep the room dark and moody, but very romantic!

If you have dimmable lighting, this is a huge bonus, as you can dim the lighting accordingly through-out the night. For example, you may want slightly brighter light when your date first arrives and while you are eating, but later on in the evening, you may want to dim the lights to create a more romantic, cosy atmosphere.

3. Getting the tunes right

Not only is lighting important for setting the mood, music is also equally important to set the right atmosphere. The right tone for music can change through out the night- you probably don’t want to be playing Marvin Gaye ‘let’s get it on’ as your date walks through the door, but later on in the evening this may be more appropriate.

A great way to make sure the appropriate music flows in-time with the date is to prepare a playlist beforehand. You want to start with calm and relaxing songs, a bit of Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith can’t go wrong! Further down in the playlist you may want to have more upbeat, lively songs- too many slow songs may have your date falling asleep at the table! Then the final songs of the playlist you could go for all those romantic classics to really set the mood.

If you don’t have time to devise your own playlist, an easier option is to use Spotify’s pre-made playlists, some great ones for a date night are: ‘Date Night’, ‘Dinner Date’, ‘Dinner for 2’ or ‘Romantic songs’.