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Don't be left in the dark - 10 tips to make the clocks going back easier

As the nights draw in and it starts to get darker earlier and it really does feel like winter. Along with stocking up on candles, hot chocolate and marshmallows – we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to make the transition to winter a little bit easier


Swap out your halogen bulbs for LED – LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy and they last longer making them cheaper and more energy efficient then the halogen equivalent. Check out our helpful guide and start saving now.

Halogen Bulb

LED equivalent










Did you know, break-ins increase by a third when the clocks go back? Darker evenings create an unwelcome haven for burglars. Here are list of things you can do to deter the thieves.

Buy motion sensor lighting

CCTV cameras
Sound of a dog barking
Strong, heavy doors
TV which is turned on
Locked Upvc windows
Cars parked on the driveway
Overlooked property
Surrounding fences
Gated property

With darker evenings comes the need to be cosy and warm, putting your heating on a timer for an hour before you get up in the morning will make it easier to wake up. Similarly, timing your heating to come on an hour before your due home will make it nice and cosy for the evening.

Plug in a timer for lamps to come on in the morning and the evening so you’re not walking into darkness (it’ll also deter those burglars by leading them to believe someone is home).


We’ve already mentioned stocking up on candles to create that perfect winter ambience.

Our favourite Instagram blogger, Emma (@behind_door_28) told us about this one – switching your lightbulbs to warm white bulbs will make your home feel more welcoming and snug

Light is a signal to biological clock that it’s either time to wake up or time to go to sleep. A sunrise/sunset alarm clock will imitate both things happening to cue your body to produce more cortisol, setting a healthy sleep/wake cycle, aiding early mornings and beating winter blues


Don’t forget Smart phones auto change the time – cars don’t

Top up your antifreeze, it does so much more than preventing water from freezing up, antifreeze raises the boiling point of engine coolant to prevent overheating. The stuff also protects your engine from corrosion, aids heat transfer, and prevents scale from building up internally.

Don’t abandon your car while its defrosting. It can be so tempting to dash back to the safety of your cosy living room that’s warm because you put your heating on a timer but leaving your vehicle unattended could land you with a fine.