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Home style: Classic White


21 May 2018



The typical ceiling lighting for a classic home is chandelier, we’ve pulled together a couple of our favourite below.


The crystal features of these fittings add an extra element of class and beautifully capture the light, creating an impressive fitting.


Table lamps are a feature that are not to be overlooked in any room. Below are just a selection of table lamps that would look great in any classic white home.


The subtle hints of grey in some of these table lamps are a great way to to break up the white decor but they don’t distract from the classic feel.


Other than chrome, there are two other finishes that are the most perfect accompaniment. First of all, mirrored, saying that mirror in general. They perfectly reflect light and even make a room look bigger. It’s one thing that all classic homes have in common - mirrors. The secondly is crackle effect. This can be achieved with glass like our Charlotte Lamp or with silver paper.


Another way to add a touch of classicism to your home is to invest in satin cushions (or faux satin). The muted tones of these cushions will stand out perfectly which the finish will be in keeping with the classic theme.


Black and white photography is another way to add a classic touch to your home. We love the idea of mixing art and family photos in black and white. This will go beautifully against your white walls and won’t look out of place the way that coloured photos might.


Finally, no classic home would be complete without quilted furniture, be it a headboard, sofa or footstool. Nothing screams classic as much as quilted furniture does, it has an element of class and chicness about it that just can’t be achieved with anything else.   

 Classic White Home Inspiration

By Jasmin

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