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At home with: Behind_Door_28

  • What’s your favourite area in your home and why?

My favourite areas are currently my gallery walls. I think the reason I like them so much as that I didn't need to pick between loved items, I just hung them all up and can therefore take pleasure from everything that I like. I have created one in Evie's bedroom, the landing, and most recently in the living room - which is the favourite of the moment, probably because it is newest.

  • Describe your home

Our home is a tired 1990s detached property that has barely seen a lick of paint in the 25 years since first built. When we moved in every room was peach or blue, with pink cloakroom suite, artexed ceilings, magnolia woodwork, worn ragged carpets...the list goes on. Frankly we don't have the finances to renovate properly at this stage, thanks to our new little arrival, but we are taking each room one by one and at least tackling the paint, woodwork and more affordable decor changes as best we can. I am really proud of what we achieved since we moved in November 2017, especially on such a limited budget.

 Eleanor Table Lamp

  • Tell us about your living room

Our living room was the only neutral room the house offered when we moved in so we have been able to easily create a calm and relaxing space without any effort and using only what we already had in our possession. However, we have plans to decorate the room later this year, introducing a colour palette and materials of our choosing, and I'm really excited to get cracking. Our living room is used as a playroom, a room for hosting visitors, it's where Damon and I dine a lot after an exhausting day looking after the kids, and we love chilling out together both as a couple and a family...its just the movie of choice that varies depending on its audience


  • What inspires you

Finding things, homes, instagram accounts that embody what I said before about a home mirroring its inhabitants through its decor, style and functionality. We are such a stereotypical family: mum, dad, 2 kids - a girl and a boy. We both work, our kids go to nursery, we all have different hobbies, likes and dislikes, and our home should reflect that. So I find myself inspired by homes that achieve style and creativity while also feeling kind of normal, everyday and authentic. Instagram is my source of inspiration.


  • Top 3 favourite Instagram accounts

This is the hardest question to answer and trying to limit to just three is virtually impossible. Elle @Elle_the_home_bird makes me laugh with her captions every day. A fellow mum, I am in awe of how she manages her boys and yet still manages to have a beautiful, light, airy home...and her photography is crisp and clear and beautiful. Gemma @caffeineandcacti makes me smile every day with her endless enthusiasm and honesty. Her home is creative, colourful and full of so many textures, I just want to wrap myself up on her sofa and drink wine all night. Justin @design_at_nineteen has a home that I lust for. It's the kind of home I know I can't have thanks to my troup of kids, but I love to see it and feel inspired by home magazine editorial it is. Other faves include Kat @life_at_number_63 Malcolm @designsixtynine Ellie @e.t.shown_home Amy @littlehouseinlondon Abi @thewhitethistle Rachel @buttonandbark Becca @malmo_and_moss . I'm going to be so upset with myself for forgetting to mention some faves!