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Make a BIG Statement: Floor Lamps To Impress

These lamps beg for attention, they are the focal point of the room and they emphasise the personality of the individual who purchased them. We want you to fall in love with lighting like we have! (The image below isn’t one of the team, but they look at lamps like this too – we’ve had to ban a few from the studio.)

Hock Table and Floor LampsOver-sized lighting has become gradually more popular with each passing year. What better way to start a fresh new year than with something even more exciting and audacious that lights up your interior spaces?

The power of lighting is often under-appreciated. Our statement pieces will provide an instant focal point that commands the space it shares. Over-sized lighting effectively captures attention and artfully creates the desired spectacle of an interior design idea. We hear you asking where the best place to feature an over-sized light fixture could be? Well, you have a few options. From the entryway to the dining room, featuring a lighting piece of gigantic proportions is a sure-fire way to add a dramatic element.

Let me set the scene. You have recently moved into a new home or flat. You’ve carefully selected a couch that perfectly fits the room, pored over paint samples until discovering the just-right hue, searched for what seemed like years for the right height bookshelf. The room is perfectly complete—but something is missing. Two words: Floor Lamp.

There are those among us, a lot of the team at Iconic Lights included, that feel the vast space above you is the perfect canvas for over-sized lighting. Don’t get me wrong, ceiling lighting is uncharted territory that needs to be satisfied with bold statement pieces, but the impact of a statement lamp is unrivaled.

Lamps say a lot about you, and a lot about the direction you are taking with your home décor. Minimalist lighting means you want to accent your room with light without detracting from the overall feel. Industrial lighting helps create a loft-aesthetic that uses exposed bulbs and transparency to provide an unobtrusive lighting statement. This is the power of lighting, but especially when you decorate from the bottom, up.

Talisman Gold Floor Lamp

A floor lamp, for example, is much easier to move around and incorporate with your decor. Anyone that tells you floor lamps can’t offer the element of surprise that a ceiling pendant can, clearly hasn’t seen the size of some floor lamps!