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Bring the outdoors in

After the flippant weather we’ve had in the last couple of weeks it’s easy to feel like summer has come and gone. April saw the snow storms and heatwave, it makes us feel like we don’t know left from right and when the sun is gone, we desperately miss it. That teamed with living in first floor apartments in central Manchester with the only outdoor space being a communal garden makes summer feel like a faraway dream BUT there is a way to make it feel like summer (or at least spring) all the time… PLANTS. House plants have seen a lot of attention over Instagram in the last few months, arguably, they have featured in more posts than a Kardashian and we’re here to add to that.


The benefits of having indoor plants are overwhelming but today we’re here to talk about the beauty of them. There are very few things that are as satisfying as finding two plants that look like they were made for each other. Here’s a list of our favourite pairs;


  1. First, we’ll start with complementing sizes. Pairing a thin plant such as a Peruvian Cactus and a busher plants like a Corn Cane creates an eye-catching team. The stark difference in size makes each plant stand out beside each other
  2. Next up, tall and small. Pairing a plant that grows tall and wide like a Yucca and a more subdued plant like a Heliconia is the perfect way to fill space that is too awkward for furniture like a corner or window alcove.
  3. Succulents and cacti are such a match made in heaven for table tops and desks. Admittedly, they are the ‘duck face’ of the Instagram interior world but they’re just s gorgeous and so easy to maintain.
  4. Grouping plants together makes an impressive statement in any space and can really give some life (excuse the pun) to and otherwise mundane area. Like the picture below, a great way to add depth and personality to a side table or shelving unit is so place a medium to large plant next to the table or shelves and arranging a bunch of smaller plants on top. INSTANT STYLE


So, you’ve decided you need some plants in your life. But where to get them?! Other than the obvious garden centre answer, you may be surprised to know you can get some pretty rare and unique foliage from eBay and online car boot sales like Shpock. Another little trick we’ve found is that there are some plant sites and eBay accounts that sell plants that need a little love for a fraction of the price. What more do you want?! Happy exploring.