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Collection of the Week: Steampunk Style

Steampunk features technologies as people in the 19th century might have envisioned them, rooted in the era's perspective on fashion, culture and architectural style. The genre allows us to imagine an alternative history where Victorian scientists made incredible breakthroughs without the assistance of electricity, transporting us to a future in which we must face new obstacles with nothing but steam to power our machines.


The Steampunk trend is a mixture between Victorian interior accessories and industrial style. Looking to gain the Steampunk style within your home? We’ve put together a variety of décor ideas and items to help get this quirky, Victorian style in your own interior space.

1) Include muted, neutral colours


Try using a palette of brown, sepia, cream, black, dark red and dark green as these were the most commonly used colours to describe the era’s style. Use one colour to highlight certain parts of the room or use the entire colour range according to the room. The use of metallic colours will also work to encapsulate the style.

2) Invest in refurbished furniture


The use of old furniture really helps add a touch of charm and character to any space. So good news you don’t need to invest in new furniture for the style unless it’s specific to Victorian age. Distressed furniture is perfect for creating rustic charm for any Steampunk styled home.

Refurbished Fan

3) Get the industrial look with exposed bricks


Another way to recreate the Steampunk look is by showcasing exposed bricks walls within your home. If the structure of your building doesn't allow you to do this, you can use wallpaper instead which also allows you to recreate the exposed brick look easily.

4) Use old maps


Why not create your own wall murals using old maps, or frame them and hang them on your walls. You can even decorate your lampshades with maps. The older the map, the more vintage your space will look.

5) Invest in a terrestrial globe


Just like the maps make sure the globe is old and very used, so it’s in keeping with the Victorian, Steampunk theme. The aged tone of the globe will fit well the colour palette most commonly used within the era.

Terrestrial Globe

6) Exposed leather items or furniture


Leather sofas are perfect for creating the ultimate Steampunk look. It’s one of the main materials used to define the trend. The elegance of the material creates a luxurious feel within the home.

7) Sophisticated hats will add a touch of stylish elegance


The use of top hats and bowler hats are perfect for impressing your guests. They are key symbols of the Victorian era, easily becoming a part of your steampunk décor.

8) Victorian sewing tables


A Victorian sewing table is great for adding a touch of history to your home, creating an eye catching statement within any home, a talking point for visitors. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can always pick one up for a reasonable price from antique stores and markets.

9) Gear wall clocks


Gears and cogs are a central part of steampunk culture. They really give your space an industrial twist. You can include such elements in your space through such things as a gear wall or use them to create industrial installations throughout the home.

10) Invest in a steamer trunk


You can include an old Steampunk trunk in your home to create a living room table! If you don’t have a proper table to match this interior design, use an old steamer trunk or any other suitcase to fill the space.

Steamer Trunk

11) Fill your walls with exposed framed herbariums


To properly decorate the rooms of your home you can’t forget about the entrance to your household, where your guest will gain their first impression. Lavish your hallway with beautiful, elegant framed herbariums to get the perfect Steampunk touch.

12) Decorate your home with sepia pictures


Easily create an antique effect by using sepia photos to decorate your wall space. You could use old pictures with your family, or from other places around the world.

13) Include technical and anatomical drawings


Technical and anatomical drawings are highly representative of the Steampunk trend. You can head to markets, antique stores and browse online to find engineer orientated drawings that focus on technology and industrial advancements.

14) Invest in barometers, telescopes and typewriters


Victorians had a real passion for inventing new tools and gadgets, with many of them still being salvageable from antique stores and vintage markets. Many of them are no longer functional, but you can still use them to decorate a space.

15) Mix it up with textural contrast


Part of the Steampunk era was combining hard and soft materials together – such as hard leather with soft lace. You can really create the perfect Steampunk style by juxtaposing traditional Victorian feminine and masculine elements together in the same space.

16) Use Victorian dresses, canes and helmets on the wall


Including key style elements of the Victorian era on your walls will add a bold, eye catching statement, helping to create a talk point in your home. Dresses, canes and helmets are a great choice and are easy to find in antique shops.

17) Victorian pattern wallpaper


Wallpaper can really add a bold statement to your space, and by adding a Victorian style to your home you can instantly compliment and add to your Steampunk style. If are a talented painter you could try something new and paint some mechanical installations in keeping with the style.

18) Antique Book displays


Old books are a must! It’s usually hard covered books that are used, but paperbacks are also a great alternative. Old notebooks with leather covers will make an eye-catching statement if tastefully arranged.

19) Create a metal pipe bookshelf


Displaying your books in an industrial way is the perfect way to incorporate the Steampunk style into your home. Steel pipes are key to industrial design and easy to handle.

20) Invest in a chandelier


Light fixtures are important. Through light you can emphasize the interior design of your home and furniture. If you have high ceilings, chandelier is great for adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your space.

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