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Decorating your first home for Christmas

So, you’ve just bought your first house or left your childhood home; you’re running pretty low on the decoration front and Christmas is getting closer and closer. Maybe you’ve always relied on your Mum’s impeccable Christmas styling and never even had to think about how you would do it yourself. Never fear, we’ve pulled together a list of top tips to help make Christmas in your first home a little bit easier.  

  • Buy your decorations for next year in Christmas sales and be savvy, John Lewis had reduced Christmas Decorations our in late October this year


  •  Think of a theme or colour scheme, that way you’re not picking up everything that look beautiful and ending up with a jumble sale of decorations (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Some themes and colour schemes we love are:

Scandi Themed Christmas

  • Deciding the size of your tree, this is big one. Plan where your tree is going first and make space, so you don’t panic when you get home. If you want to go as big as your living room will allow, buy a tree that is 6 inches shorter that the height of your ceiling.

7 foot ceiling

6.5 foot tree

8 foot ceiling

7.5 foot tree

9 foot ceiling

8.5 foot tree

10 foot ceiling

9.5 foot tree

 Traditional Themed Christmas

  • On the topic of trees, they are the most important part of Christmas decorating after all:
    • The best trees are the ones that are personal to you. We love the idea of having a bauble made with your move in date on.
    • Material instead of tinsel adds a chic and luxurious love – follow the diagonal line of the material with your baubles to create an effortless look
    • Place big baubles at the bottom and work your way up the tree, getting smaller and smaller
    • LIGHTS MAKE CHRISTMAS. We advise 100 lights for every 1ft of tree so a 6ft tree will need 600 lights  
    • Getting a faux tree? Get some pine scented air freshener or candles to give the feel of a real tree
    • Can’t find the baubles you want? Make your own. How about painting baubles in shades of pastel pink, green and blue?

 Black and Gold Themed Christmas

  • Setting the mood is one of the best parts of decorating your house for Christmas
    • Put your favourite Christmas movie on
    • Get the right smell with candles and air fresheners, we love cinnamon and spiced apple in the winter months


  • Drape fairy lights in and around hanging planters to incorporate your current decor


  • Getting a new tree? Cut up the old one and use as foliage around the house with intertwined festoon lights

Festoons and Foliage

  • Putting your decorations away? This is a great time to sort through your collection and throw away any broken or tired looking decorations to make space for the new ones you’ll pick up in the sales.