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Get the Mid-century Modern Look

Mid-century modern is made up of clean lines and natural materials, creating a fresh look even today. The style was developed during the central decades of the 20th century, between the 1930s to the late 1960s. The clean aesthetic was based upon transporting the post-war home into the modern era, rethinking everything from architecture to furniture design.

Mid-century modern is depicted by clean simplicity and natural shapes. It takes elements from the modernist Bauhaus movement, developing them into a style that is more user-friendly. Mid-century modern focuses on the simple form, using contemporary patterns and natural materials to create pieces that look stylish but are also comfortable and functional within the home.

Statement lighting

The mid-century period is known for its creative lighting with such classic pieces such as the Arco lamp and Sputnik pendant providing works of art in the home whilst acting as a functional light source.

The PH5 pendant by Danish designer Poul Henningsen adds a touch of mid-century Scandinavian chic to the dining space, ideally placed directly over the table to create a central feature within the room.

Celebrate the simple form

Clean lines within the home helps to create a simple backdrop, adding uncomplicated mid-century style to your interior. Sofas and chairs featuring slim legs and neat upholstery will ensure your home feels bigger, giving the illusion of more space. Allowing more of the floor to be visible will also help to make your living space appear larger.

Incorporate graphic patterns

Mid-century style focused on simplicity with pattern rarely featuring in the look. However, graphic designs were occasionally used as accents in the home. This could involve cushions combined with patterns of squares and circles and such mid-century colours as yellow, blue and green.

Expose striking features

Mid-century architecture exposes the underlying fabric of a building, celebrating strong lines and materials. This includes roof beams, wood-panelled walls and painted brickwork integrated into a room, not hidden behind plasterboard.

Embrace the classic look

Mid-century design was often seen as innovative in style, using timeless materials such as wood. The look focuses on simplicity decorated with classic colours that complement the organic simple forms used.

Art as accent

The mid-century period was a bold era for artistic form, with Jackson Pollock and Roy Lichtenstein bringing a hint of bold colour and style to your home. Choose a bold abstract print and hang it against a simple white wall to give your home a touch of modern style.

Mid-century modern combines the organic form with man-made structures, giving your home a touch of the natural world while exploring shapes, shades and styles that will give your home a contemporary feel.

Mid-century modern is for those who wish to abandon white minimalism for varying shades and tones, who love vintage and want a touch of Mad Men style in their living space.

Embrace natural colours

The mid-century colour palette is inspired by nature, combining greens, blues and accents of yellow. These shades compliment the wood that features throughout a mid-century-inspired home.

Invest in a sleek kitchen

Mid-century kitchens looked to the future, embracing gadgets designed to revolutionise a household. Simplicity was key, with clean lines, sleek materials and simple palettes applying throughout the home.

Work in wooden tones

Wooden furniture was a huge part of mid-century design, delivering a blend of natural and organic tones with simple, modern shapes and forms.


Create a clean, modern look, sprinkled with accessories from the mid-century period to add interest to the space without making it appear cluttered. This can include a bold lamp shade, cushion, curtain, rug or ornament to give your home a personalised touch.

Step outside

Get rid of chunky wooden garden furniture, bringing the mid-century vibe outside. Incorporate simple cane furniture with elegant lines to create a natural feel, perfect indoors or out.