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Light Me Up: How Lighting Can Help Boost Wellbeing By @_Homebirds_

With a farewell to summer looming just around the corner, it’s important we do everything we can to maintain the feel good factor provided by all that sun we’ve been indulging in! The transition into winter is never easy and all too often the positive vibes slip away from us.

The absence of light in the winter months is a serious issue when it comes to our mental state and overall outlook on life. Our bodies need light, it’s as simple as that. They need it at the right intensity and at the right time of day. It’s what helps regulate our mood as well as our internal body clock. Light in the morning helps us wake up and feel alert and energised, while dimmer light at night cues us to relax and drift off into a peaceful sleep. And we all know how critical sleep is in promoting feelings of wellbeing!

With all this in mind, the way you incorporate light into your home is so important in helping you achieve optimum wellbeing and happiness. Soooo, we’re here to give you the Homebirds’ top tips for using lighting to boost your mood…


Your lighting choices for your bedroom are key for two very obvious reasons. 1) to help you unwind before you fall asleep at night and 2) to help you feel awake and alert first thing in the morning.

We advise at least two separate light sources. Your ceiling light (the one you switch on first thing in a morning) should give out the brightest light possible. You should avoid fittings that obstruct the glow of the bulb like dense, metallic pendants for example.

A much better choice would be a clear glass shade or something that doesn’t shield the light. We also recommend using an incandescent bulb as it produces a full spectrum of light which has been proven to enhance alertness (trust us – we’ve researched it!)

Your bedside lights should be much dimmer as they are typically used at night. We suggest you use compact fluorescent lamp bulbs in a low wattage here. Your body is wired to perceive lower level lighting like this as a cue to unwind and switch off.


Try fairy or festoon lights too, their warm glow is even better for relaxation in those final few minutes before sleep.      

Living Room

This is where most of us spend our time in the evenings chilling out before bed. Mood lighting is what you need here, best created by table and floor lamps. Again keep it dim with a low wattage bulb. Light the fire and some candles too; the flickering flames are the perfect way to help your body let go of all the stresses and strains of the day.  


In order to be at your most productive, you ideally need some fully directional down-lighting. This provides optimum illumination on working surfaces. LED lighting has been proven to improve visibility and also provide emotional benefits. And hey – who doesn’t want to be able to see clearly and feel great while working!

So there you have it, a handful of easy ways you can fight those winter blues by making some simple adjustments to your interiors. The impact of the home on wellbeing is going to be a big focus for the Homebirds in the coming months, so do get in touch with us if you have any tips of your own. Simply email [email protected].

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