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Splash Out On Colour This Season

Go Dark

A single primary colour will liven up an all-white kitchen instantly. Rich, indigo blues painted on one wall, will create a dramatic backdrop to highlight white shelves and crockery. This is a simple, inexpensive design trick, and with deep colour dirty fingerprints and cooking stains are far less likely to show up. 

Dark Green Wall

Wake up

The colour red is full of energy, so why not use it to re-energise your working environment, revitalising your mood with a flash of ruby red in unexpected places. Try painting the ceiling beams in bold primary colours to give your neutral home office a fresh look that will wake you up in the mornings.

Red Interior

Play with primaries

Primary colours don’t have to just be used in modern surroundings. Grand architecture and vintage flooring can be juxtaposed with a touch of crimson and midnight blue, creating a striking effect. Mix and match a contemporary coffee table with an antique chair, contrasting materials, colours and shapes.

Get the modern look

If you want to splash paint-box colours across your home, you can’t go wrong by leaving the rest of your decor white everywhere else. Fresh white ceiling, floor and walls will draw the eye to the accentuated primary colours, with a colourful chair or lamp giving your space a work of art.

Red Arm Chair

Inject red into your home

Red is a warm, bold colour that shouldn’t be hidden away. This vibrant primary could create a kitchen centrepiece, against an island unit painted crimson. For the rest of the kitchen cabinets and surfaces you should stick to neutral shades such as granites and warm woods for a rustic edge.

Make a statement

If you can’t decide on red, blue or yellow, go for all three! Try a grid of black horizontal and vertical lines with blocks of bold primary hues to create a graphic look, perfect for lovers of modern art. A bold design statement that would work well against a wall of storage, contrasting against a stripped back, plain room.

Let in the light

A row of modern pendant lights will help create an eye-catching statement in the kitchen. Pick a bright colour like a playful sunshine yellow, to give your space a lighting feature that stands out. Include dimmable, rise-and-fall pendants for illuminate an island unit or kitchen table to where friends and family tend to congregate. 

How about grouping three of our Pelle Electric Ceiling Pendants together over a breakfast bar or dining table 

Modern Kitchen

Go bold outside

Bold, primary hues aren’t often seen on the outside of buildings, but they can really help to uplift your space. Timber cladding can be saturated with exciting colours that can help to refresh a building. Contrasting bright, bold colours against a natural backdrop can really add a touch of drama. Be inspired in your own home and paint your front door a bright, primary hue to give your outdoor space the ultimate facelift.

Brighten up a bathroom

There are no design rules to say the bathroom can’t be just as colourful as the rest of the house. Why not try a canary yellow vanity unit, injecting personality into your bathroom space. Glossy yellow doors would also help to uplift your space against earthy stone floor and walls.

Yellow Vanity