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Unique Ways to treat your Mum This Mother’s Day


So what designs are trending this season, and what would make the perfect gift for your beloved Mum? Whilst everyone’s home style is different, it seems this season modern decor is making its way into many people’s home décor, especially when it comes to lighting. From shabby chic to modern geometric shaped lamps there are many contemporary styles to choose from, with gold and copper tones being one of the strongest colour pallets this Spring.

Hanging Pendants

Hanging pendants are currently popular, with many modern options to choose from they can be an effective, simple way of updating your home interior. We have selected four Iconic Designs we think would work for many stylish, modern interiors.


It can be hard to achieve that ‘warehouse loft’ feel when living in suburban accommodation. Industrial lighting is the perfect way to give any ordinary or basic space an edge, adding a touch of unique style. Industrial lighting can be used as a functional feature, or to create an innovative focal point in the room. Metal stage lights, cylindrical lamps, where bulbs are protected in metal cages or exposed in suspended pendants can be used throughout the home to add a modern, contemporary design to your interior space. Industrial suspended lamp holders currently represent the latest trend in lighting design. They match perfectly with a vintage Squirrel cage or Spiral bulb making a unique style statement to any modern interior. The simple design also makes the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room – proving that by stripping back to basics and focusing on the simple light bulb you can create a stunning, minimalist design feature. This industrial style pendant would look great in a kitchen or dining area, adding a rustic contemporary feel to its surroundings. The design would also complement a vintage Squirrel Caged or designer bulb, as the exposed cage highlights the light bulb, creates a striking feature in any modern, industrial setting. Also available in other styles and colours as part of our 'Industrial Collection.'

Desk Lamps


Desk lamps are also a great gift this Mother’s Day, to help your mum with her reading, crafts and activities. The right desk lamp could create the dream office space for your loved one, helping create an innovative, artistic space within the home. Task lighting is great for increasing illumination within an area of the home or working environment. The light takes into account levels of illumination, as well as contrast since a poorly positioned light can reduce contrast, resulting in a poor level of visibility. A freely adjustable task light is one of the most effective ways of ensuring everyday tasks are enhanced and easily adjusted to suit different situations. A good task light can ease eye strain, ultimately making a working environment more enjoyable. Here at Iconic Lights our range of office desk lamps and task lights offer small pools of high quality focused light, ideal for writing, drawing and laptop use. A great additional light source perfect for a range of tasks including reading, craft work and design. We have selected four Iconic Designs we think would work for many stylish, modern offices and living spaces


The Emeralite Lamp, more commonly known today as a Banker's Lamp is an iconic design, characterised by a brass stand and green glass lamp shade. It was in 1909 that the first Emeralite lamp was produced, McFaddin’s patent application for "a new, original and ornamental design for lamp shades" proving successful. This was to be the beginning of the manufacture of Emeralite lamps, continuing production for over fifty years. The Emeralite lamp is often associated with organisation and authority, bringing class and personalization to your desk, whilst making a workspace far more functional. There have been scientific studies have suggested green is actually the perfect colour for banker’s lamp shades, as it inspires creativity, known as the “green effect. Explaining why banker’s lamps are often found on pianos, in art galleries and other areas where creative people flourish and perform. The lamp is not simply limited for use in an office or work-space, but can be used throughout the home to add innovative style to your home interior. Regardless of position the lamp will bring a touch of industrial design to your home, exuding nostalgia, elegance, grace and functionality. Available with a green, white, and blue shade.


These Fisherman pendants would work well in a breakfast bar or kitchen area, coming in a range of colours and tones to suit different household themes. By making simple changes to your lighting you can make a big impact to the look and feel of a room, making the light the main focal point with both modern and classic designs. This fisherman pendant shade is made from mild steel with a glass bulb covering underneath. This classic design will compliment any living space, adding an industrial finish. Whether in a contemporary or traditional home this pendant will create an eye catching focal point. Comes fully assembled and easily attaches to an existing lamp holder. Available in a brass, chrome, white, black, red and blue finish.




Floor Lamps

Floor lamps would also enhance your mother’s home adding a cosy, ambient glow to her living space. Floor lamps are great for additional lighting, as well as for reading and evening tasks. The current use of copper and gold tones help to add a modern, fresh look to the home, creating an eye catching functional feature. Here at Iconic Lights we have a wide range of classic and contemporary designs that would complement a wide spectrum of interior designs and themes. We have selected four Iconic Designs we think would work for many stylish, modern living spaces.